Sunday, January 6, 2019

GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson

Blaire Wilson is said to be American Girl's Girl of the Year 2019.
We love her long red hair and green eyes, not to mention this beautiful blue dress! This dress we believe will be a party dress, not her meet outfit. If Cinderella was going to a party in 2019, this is probably more what her dress would have looked like! 

This set looks amazing! It looks like a small town outside bistro that belongs in a garden. The thing that really stands out to us is the twinkle lights and all the food! We bet the twinkle lights light up and there will be a wide selection of foods for our dolls.

 When we look at this set, we can only imagine what it could be a for...a wedding! If we look at the table, there are little signs that we are right. The plates say 'love,' there is a white cake, a heart cut out and a few other details that say a wedding is about to take place! Now the big question is who's wedding is it? Is it a sibling, friend or family member that could be tying the knot? All questions we will have to wait to have answered until January 1, 2019. 

Now, this outfit is adorable! A great new hairstyle for Blaire and a cute gardening outfit to go along with it. These overalls and rain boots are going to look amazing not just on the girl of the year it will look great on all our favorite gardening dolls like Ginny, Truly Me doll #61! Ginny does kind of look similar to Blaire, so we are sure she will look adorable in it too.

Overall we love what we see for American Girl's GOTY 2019! This red-headed beauty will make a great addition to our ever-growing American Girl doll collection. 

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