Friday, January 12, 2018

Luciana Vega Maker Station and Robotic Dog | American Girl Doll | GOTY 2018

Luciana’s Maker Station is very durable and a great design for playtime with your doll. It has many accessories which inspire girls to explore robotics while having fun. The robotic arm can pick up things for fun imaginative play, and the two Mega CONSTRUX construction sets are awesome! Who wouldn't  want to construct their very own satellite and Mars rover?! This set is fantastic and gets a big thumbs up from us! We really love this year’s Girl of the Year Collection :)
Luciana's Robotic Dog is very sturdy and easy to use. His eyes light up and he makes more than 20 sounds. I love this little guy! The robotic dog is a awesome part of the Luciana collection.

Girl of the Year 2018 Luciana Vega's Maker Station & Robotic Dog. Luciana Vega is now available at American Girl Stores, Indigo-Chapters, and American Girl online. Share this video: Don't miss out on American Girl Spirit fun! SUBSCRIBE:

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