Monday, July 13, 2015

REVIEW on AG's Styling Chair

American Girl Spirit

Styling Chair

This video is a review on American Girl's Styling Chair. I will be opening, demonstrating and reviewing the styling chair during this video. Hopefully this will help in your decision on whether or not to purchase this American Girl Product.

Comments: I give the Styling Chair a 2 star rating. I don't consider this product to be age appropriate for 8+, as it is a difficult and frustrating product to use. The chair is made of high quality materials. The sturdy metal base provides good stability. The sparkly vinyl upholstery is durable, and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. The seat belt holds the doll securely in place and the footrest keeps her comfortable. 
The appearance of the pink sparkly styling chair gives a fun, bright, and bold look. The swivel movement is a nice feature. Unfortunately, I find it moves too freely and the chair doesn't hold its position well. This makes it difficult to style the dolls hair. The suction cup is unreliable, as it comes unattached with minimal force. The play value of the Styling Chair is definitely affected by the reclining and suction problems. The Styling Chair is a super awesome idea, but needs a few improvements to make it more playable with American Girl dolls.


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