Friday, July 24, 2015

Photo Of The Week - Samantha Parkington

American Girl Spirit

Photo Of The Week

Samantha Parkington is off for a bicycle ride on a beautiful sunny summer day. She is riding her shiny new bicycle that was a gift from Uncle Gard. The bicycle has a deep dark pink frame with white accents and tires, a faux-leather seat and, a stamped floral chain guard. The bicycle also has a triangle shaped kickstand which is great for keeping the bike upright and balanced. There is a woven basket attached to the front of the bike for Samantha to carry her pretty bouquet of flowers. The beautiful sunflowers are tied with a pink satin ribbon, which is a nice touch.

When Samantha goes cycling she wears her Bicycling Outfit. Proper young ladies wore dresses in Samantha's day with the exception of when they rode bicycles. The outfit includes a wide straw hat with a grosgrain ribbon, a gorgeous white eyelet blouse with long puffy sleeves, houndstooth-checked bloomers, removable gaiters that help keep her legs from getting dirty and a pink hair-bow to tie back her long locks. Samantha loves the freedom of this outfit and it looks super fabulous on her. 
Samantha's Bicycle and Bicycling Outfit are still available on the American Girl website.

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