Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grace's French Bakery | American Girl

 One of my favourite American Girl products :)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Family, friends and fond memories make the season bright.

Merry Christmas!  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ellen at The American Girl Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show

The American Girl Spirit Holiday Fashion Show had many Truly Me girls modeling their choice of holiday dresses on the runway. Truly Me doll #56, Ellen is wearing one of American Girl's NEWEST fashions for the fall of 2015, the Sparkling Spotlight Outfit. 

The outfit comes with a black long-sleeved top that has a silver covered sequin faux Peter Pan collar. The sequins add just the right amount of dazzle to the top.

A very fun pair of lined shorts covered in shiny silvered-coloured sequins. You can mix and match these shorts with other shirts, perhaps a beautiful red or purple top.

They also added light gray rib knit tights under the shorts. They give the outfit a very wintery look. The leggings keep the dolls legs warm in the cold weather!

Then, of course, the fabulous glittery shoes that have a cute light pink satin ribbon bow on each toe. These shoes have a stunning two-toned silver and gold look that will dress up any outfit. Love these fashionable beauties! :)

Now onto the fashion fabulous accessories. Ellen is wearing an adorable American Girl watch from the Holiday Accessories 2012. The silver bracelet watch has a white analogue clock face with the time set to 8:56. The chain link bracelet has a hook clasp with an oval charm. The charm has the American Girl logo stamped on it; this gives the watch a bracelet look. 

The outfit also comes with a sparkly gold headband. They have used it to attach a fashion show accessory to give Ellen a fun sparkly look.

These accessories are items picked up from Michaels craft store. The silver winged dazzlers in the floral section and the feathery headpiece in the children's craft area. The feathered headpiece attaches to the gold headband and 2 silver wings to the back of a play and display stand for dolls. These two items gave the outfit a real fashion show appeal.

Ellen looks dazzling in this outfit as she walks the runway.The Sparkle Spotlight Outfit retails for $34 US on the American Girl website. Your doll will sparkle in this shiny sequined outfit!. Click the link on the left to go to American Girl Spirit YouTube channel to check out the fashion show and see Ellen shine.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Grace Thomas Giveaway Winner

American Girl Spirit

Hi, Everyone!

Thank you for entering the American Girl Spirit Giveaway.


The winner is Suzannah of Thelma Grace 1930 :)

Congratulation Suzannah! :)   

Please contact AGS at americangirlspirit@gmail.com 

Here are the answers to the qualifying questions:

2. Ginny played the CELLO
3. Phebe is doll # 27
4. VIOLET wore the Frosted Violet Gown

Thank you so much for all the great comments! I absolutely loved reading them and you have inspired me to work harder and make more videos :)

Please make sure to stay tuned for more videos, blog post, IG photos and giveaways. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Grace Thomas Giveaway

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American Girl Spirit

Hey Everyone,

AMERICAN GIRL SPIRIT is giving away a Grace Thomas Doll & Welcome Gifts.
I thought it would be fun to have a small challenge of American Girl Spirit knowledge. 

So you need to answer just a few questions.
( All answers are in the American Girl Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show on YouTube & American Girl Website)

1.  What dress is Ella wearing in the American Girl  Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show video?

2. What instrument is Ginny playing in the American Girl Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show video?

3. What doll number on the American Girl website is Phebe who takes part in the American Girl Spirit Truly Me Fashion Show?

4. What is the name of the doll wearing the Frosted Violet Gown in the American Girl Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show?

5. Tell me what you thought of the American Girl Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show!

Write your answers in the comments section below. 

Contest closes December 1, 2015, @ 3pmEST. Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lilly at The American Girl Spirit Truly Me Holiday Fashion Show

The American Girl Spirit Holiday Fashion Show had many Truly Me girls modelling their choice of holiday dresses on the runway. Truly Me doll #44 Lilly is wearing one of this year American Girl's NEW dresses, the Gorgeous Gold Outfit.

The dress is a beautiful creme colour with gorgeous rich details. The shiny, full skirt with golden metallic accents and a two layer cream tulle underneath makes this dress stand out. A golden satin sash at the waist, a textured golden bodice and satin ribbons bows at the shoulders bring the dress together for a stunning look.

The dress comes with a sparkly golden purse that easily attaches to the doll's arm with an elastic band. I hope every handbag that American Girl makes moving forward has this attachment. I love this fabulous purse! It's so important to have accessories to accent the outfit, American Girl got the perfect look for this dress.

My favourite part of the outfit is these amazing sparkly golden ballet flats. The flats have cute little creme bows and an elastic to hold them in place. The elastic strap gives the flats a stylish look.

The final detail that American Girl added to this wonderful outfit is the metallic golden flower clip. The flower has a bobby pin attached to it, so it's easy to place the flower in the doll's hair. It looks fashion fabulous with Lilly's hairstyle.

I have added two accessories that I thought would add some extra glamour for the runway. A beautiful golden ribbon bow and a silver & gold ring to give the outfit a bit of extra shimmer. The ring is from the Truly Me Holiday Accessories 2015.

Lilly looks very fancy in this stunning outfit. The Gorgeous Gold Outfit dress retails for $36 US on the American Girl website. It truly is a keeper. Click the link on the left to go to American Girl Spirit YouTube channel to check out the fashion show.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

American Girls Frosted Violet Gown

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New Product Alert! American Girls new in store exclusive gown was released on November 19, 2015. The dress is called Frosted Violet Gown, and it retails for $58 US and $89 CAN. Woohoo! It's a stunner:) The lovely violet dress also comes with a silver sequin cloak, a pair of shoes, a headband and a very fabulous sequin silver purse. Check out the pictures below to get a peek at the Gown.

The gorgeous American Girl box that the exclusive instore Gown comes in :)

A look at the Frosted Violet Gown on display at American Girl Chapters Rideau Center store.

This is Violet wearing the new Frosted Violet Gown. I added some accessories as she will be fashioning this dress in the American Girl Spirit Holiday Fashion Show. Make sure to check out American Girl Spirit YouTube channel for the fashion show.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Photo Of The Week

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Photo Of The Week

Hello Everyone,

Today I am posting the picture of the week, which just happens to be of my NEW doggie Rocky and I. I found Rocky at the Humane Society, which is a shelter for homeless animals. Rocky is a Terrier and, he was found wandering along a country road. A woman brought him to the shelter so he would have a safe place to sleep and eat. The veterinarian at the clinic looked Rocky over to make sure he was all right after being left at the side of the road. Thankfully Rocky was in good health, just a little on the skinny side. My parents had to fill out some papers and then we took him home. We made sure to make a donation to help keep the shelter running for other animals that might be in the same situation as Rocky. I donated my allowance for the week, and it felt great :)

Alarming Fact: 
There are about 70 million stray animals just in the United States.

I'm so excited to have another doggie. I already have two other dogs at home. One is a small Chihuahua named Honey and the other is a Poodle named Henry. It is going to be a lot of responsibility taking care of three dogs. My whole family loves pets so I'm sure everyone will chip in and help.

When we arrived home, I introduced Rocky to all the family including Henry and Honey. Everything seems to be going great so far. I think I will have to go shopping for a new doggie bed, food, toys and food bowls. It will be so much fun to go with Olivia, a friend from school. Olivia wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and also volunteers at the Humane Society. Her volunteer job consists of grooming the dogs and cats. Olivia is great with animals and will have lots of helpful tips for taking care of Rocky. I will keep you up to date on the happenings with my NEW doggie. 

A special congratulation goes out to the winner of Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit and Maryellen's Ice Skating Accessories. 
The winner is Hanna Quantz!
Please Contact americangirlspirit@gmail.com to claim your prize.
Thank you to all the American Girl Spirit Fans for entering the contest! 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introducing Grace's World And Her First New Experience

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American Girl Spirit

Introducing Grace's World And Her First New Experience

Hello Everyone, 

I'm back again with another blog post. This blog post is on American Girl Spirit's YouTube Channel. American Girl Spirit has just posted an NEW video :) The video is on American Girl’s 2015 Girl Of The Year, Grace Thomas. It is an introduction to Grace's World and her first new experience. The video introduces you to Grace's French bulldog: Bonbon, her mini Dolly: Gracie, and her everyday fashion and accessories. You will also get to see Grace's first new experience, which is super fun and gives Grace a new look. 
In the picture above, is the lovely Grace Thomas with her sparkling blue eyes, and her long dark hair with side-swept bangs and a tiny accent braid. She also has a sprinkling of freckles on her nose, just like me! Grace is wearing her Paris Welcome Outfit, which looks very fashionable on her. The outfit includes a white top with a sparkly Paris graphics, a pink skirt with a black bow on the front, and gray ankle boots with gathered straps and bows on the side. To add to Grace's fashionable outfit, she is wearing a charm bracelet, which comes many colorful charms from her trip abroad. Grace is also wearing a pink felt beret with an embroidered heart and sequin details that are part of the Welcome Gifts she received from her family in France. The other gifts in the Welcome Gift Set include a box of yummy macaroons, and Eiffel Tower cookie in a cute mesh bag with red ribbon from her aunt’s bakery. A bouquet of flowers wrapped in polka-dotted paper, and three Paris postcards for her to send to her friends and family back home. Grace looks very “Paris” in her outfit.
I look forward to more videos and pictures about Grace’s World and the crazy fun adventures, new experiences and meet-ups with her best friends, Ella, and Maddy. Here is the link to video so you can check it out https://youtu.be/ndcH2_kCFOo
I hope you enjoyed my post. Feel free to leave a comment below on what you think about American Girl Spirit’s Introduction to Grace’s World And Her First New Experience video. Let me know what fun outfits you create for Grace Thomas.
In my next post, I will be announcing the winner of Maryellen’s Ice Skating Outfit and Accessories.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

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  American Girl Spirit

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  Hello, my name is Scarlett and I am in love with writing. I like to write about trending fashion, fun adventures, special holidays and much more. I thought it would be really awesome to share all my stories with the world, so I started this blog. I don’t know a lot about blogging, but I’m determined to learn. I really want to be a journalist when I grow up and my teacher Ms. Penny told me this was a good way to start. She told me to take my ideas, write them down and be creative. She also told me, “You're never too young to start expressing yourself through writing.”

The first thing I decided to do was understand what a blog is, and what makes someone a blogger and why people call people whom blog, bloggers.
A blog is an online personal journal or diary that you update frequently. It’s a place to share your thoughts and passions. It allows you to express yourself to the world. Really, you can make it whatever you want it to be. A blog is your own website that you need to update on an ongoing basis. That to me seems amazing! I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of blogging all my thoughts on a regular basis. 

The next thing was to find out was why we are called bloggers. We are called bloggers because we write content for a blog. That seems pretty logical lol
There is a whole community of blogs and bloggers out there, which people refer to as the blogosphere. 
So now I'm part of the blogosphere, which seems a bit scary but also very exhilarating.

Now comes the time to start setting up my blog.  I have to choose a username and password. Yahoo!...American Girl Spirit:) Then I have to start with a base template and customize my background, layout, colours  and fonts and more. After each post on your blog there is a section where people can comment and like your post, which is great for interacting with your readers and get ideas for new posts There are many ways to help you bring attention to your blog, such as sharing it to Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and emailing to a friend. I also discovered many interactive features that I could display on my blog for viewers, such as popular posts, blog archives, page views, follow by email, and others. I love that I can add photos or videos to share with my friends and everyone in the blogosphere. This will make my posts even more interesting to read and easier to interact with me. 

So now I'm part of the blogosphere, which seems a bit scary but also very exhilarating.
I’m super excited to present my blog to the World Wide Web and will happily be blogging on a regular basis. 
Please enter your email at the side under, follow by email to subscribe to my blog, recommend(G+1) this post and comment. Everyone who subscribes to my blog, recommends this post and comments will be entered in a draw to win Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit and Ice Skating Accessories:) WooHoo!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Photo Of The Week-Summer Sailboard Set

American Girl Spirt

Photo Of The Week

Olivia tries out the NEW Summer Sailboard at the beach. The sailboard is part of the Truly ME collection and is a store exclusive. The Summer Sailboard Set comes with the board & sail and a life jacket for your doll.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Giveaway Winners

American Girl Spirit

Surprise Giveaway Winners

WooHoo !! Here are the Surprise Giveaway Winners :) Bag #1 Emma Van Koughnett Bag #2 craftyAG Congratulation! Please contact me through email to make arrangement for delivery at AmericanGirlSpirit@gmail.com   I also have chosen 3 people to receive a smaller Surprise Giveaway bag because Ellen love surprises and I love Ellen :) hehe -FreakUnderCam
-Americangirlforever21 -Ericala Please contact me everyone :)  Thank you to everyone else who entered! There will be another giveaway soon, so stay tuned !!

Ellen xo

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fashion Fabulous

American Girl Spirit

Fashion Fabulous

My Truly ME doll #61, Ginny is wearing Kit's Springtime Outfit. You will love dressing any doll in this beautiful outfit. It features a lovely pink dress with a sheer yoke, a tiered skirt, a satin bow around the waistline, and shiny pink T-strap shoes to match. This dress can be found on the American Girl website.

I think Ginny looks amazing wearing this dress, her long wavy red hair and green eyes help to make this dress a stand out. This is an especially great outfit for Easter Celebration or Birthday Parties.